Our Vision

Empowered communities leading self-sustaining lives filled with dignity and self-worth; thus, adults and youth who no longer need and even more so no longer want EKARI Foundation’s support.

By the end of 2020, our goal is to increase the high school graduation rate among the students we support to 90 percent. In addition, our goal is to increase the livelihoods in the households we support by 100 percent.

Our Mission

We believe in empowering the future generations of Malawi to emerge from poverty through their own efforts by providing access to quality and relevant education, coupled with the necessary educational resources and training to assist communities in establishing and celebrating sustainable livelihoods.

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Jan 2016 Feature

January 2016 Update

Social Media Highlight In case you missed it on our Facebook page… We are very proud to announce that Blessings, Iness, Jenipher Chingwalu, Obed, Grace, Stella, Mackford, and Promise were all at the top of their class this past school… Read More

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Feature 2

Endowments: The Benefits and Shortfalls

For this blog post, we would like to hear your input: Should EKARI Foundation invest in an endowment and reap the benefits years from now, or keep putting the money to use sooner rather than later? An endowment… Read More

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Feature Dec 2015 - Mwandida

December 2015 Update

Social Media Highlight In case you missed it on our Facebook page… Patricia got a job! She completed her internship with Goal Malawi in December and will begin her full-time job in January. It’s incredibly difficult to find a job in ‪Malawi‬,… Read More

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Malawi: A Modern Profile

As is true of any country, a concise summary (fit for a blog post) is difficult in the case of Malawi. ​​​In order to appreciate and understand the environment and culture that our beneficiaries live in, we ​are tak​ing​… Read More

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