EKARI is a community-based nonprofit tackling extreme poverty in Malawi, Africa, supporting education and economic community development.

Our Mission

To build knowledge and skills within youth and their surrounding communities so they can lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

Our Vision

Empowered communities leading self-sustaining lives filled with dignity and self-worth; thus, adults and youth who no longer need and even more so no longer want EKARI Foundation’s support.

By the end of 2020, our goal is to increase the high school graduation rate among the students we support to 90 percent. In addition, our goal is to increase the livelihoods in the households we support by 100 percent.

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August 2018 Update

Social Media Highlight In case you missed it on our Facebook page… Laston recently received employment through the Malawi government as an assistant veterinary officer! He studied Animal Husbandry in college, so this is a great fit! We… Read More

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The Unexpected That Made My Trip Worthwhile

I traveled to Malawi in April for my annual monitoring and evaluation trip. Because I communicate daily with our field staff, my trip went pretty much as expected. But, it was those things that I did not expect… Read More

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March 2018 Update

Social Media Highlight In case you missed it on our Facebook page… We have welcomed a new intern to the EKARI Malawi staff – Stanley Namakhwa! He is an EKARI beneficiary currently studying horticulture at the Natural Resources… Read More

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January 2018 Update

Impact Story: Jenipher Jenipher is one of EKARI’s 13 recent high school graduates. Her story is one of patience, hard work, and resilience. In 2015, Jenipher passed her senior year exam, but did not score high enough for… Read More

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