Celebrating Success and Critical Thinking

Our approach is working! For the fourth year in a row, 100% of EKARI’s senior cohort passed their year-end exams. And for the second year in a row, 100% of the seniors are eligible to apply for college! While we are celebrating their success, we know the challenges their communities face every day and we are therefore working to expand services to reach more people.

Last year, donor support helped EKARI expand our efforts to provide life skills training for our beneficiaries in Malawi (over 70 youth and over 250 adults).  When we first introduced life skills training within our student support programs, our main focus was to pass on critical thinking and problem solving skills. We have expanded our efforts to include skills training in creative thinking, decision-making, and effective communication through the introduction of student debates.

Life skills includes the ability to develop healthy relationships and positive self-concepts. It is on those lines that we expanded our self-defense classes to include not only girls, but also boys. Youth learn not only how to protect themselves, but also how to defend against negative peer pressure and what constitutes a healthy relationship. The picture above is one of our favorite images of the year, as we see the growing confidence in all of the students.

Access to a quality education coupled with lifelong learning skills is the best pathway out of poverty. Now, as EKARI grows, our goal is to further incorporate life skills training within all of EKARI’s programs.

Please help EKARI’s students succeed by becoming a donor and supporting our goal and expanding our efforts to provide life skills training for youth and adults in Malawi! Make a contribution to our year-end campaign through GlobalGiving! If we are one of the first projects to mobilize 50 donors (giving any amount), we win a bonus prize. Spread the word! Share with your family, friends, and colleagues and invite them to join this life-changing project – we can’t do it without you!

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