Health Education & HIV/AIDS Program

The Need

Malawi has the world’s 9th highest prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS. Primary school students do not have access to HIV/AIDS programs in school. A high percentage of impoverished young females engage in sexual activity based on promises of financial assistance, which are often not kept and the girl becomes pregnant leading to a high rate of dropouts and/or HIV/AIDS.

Our Program

First, local health professionals utilize EKARI’s health education and HIV/AIDS program curriculum to teach about and assist youth with the cultural challenges related to early pregnancy, drug abuse, gender stigmas, hygiene, nutrition, and HIV/AIDS among others. Second, we partner with the local government and community based organizations to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS to primary school students, first aid to communities, and more.

Our goals are to achieve zero early pregnancies among female students supported by EKARI, reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in our impact area, and increase the overall wellbeing of our beneficiaries. 

The program teaches us ways of avoiding the spread of the deadly HIV/AIDS disease, which is affecting a lot of educated youth. The program shapes us into good messengers for our fellow youth and role models for the better development of Malawi.” Flora, EKARI beneficiary

Our Impact 

EKARI partners with Linguni Youth Organization who conduct skits about HIV/AIDS and the importance of education at over 10 primary schools annually impacting over 10,000 youth each year!

Program Funding Amount

Annual: $4,000

A one-time contribution of $150 allows Linguni Youth Organization to provide 1,200 youth access to HIV/AIDS awareness.

A monthly contribution of $35 will provide first aid lessons to 10 communities.

To contribute to our Health Education & HIV/AIDS Program, click here.

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