Aonenji S.

School: University studying Education

Birthday: June 4, 1992     Hobbies: Enjoys listening to music and reading

Family History: Aonenji is the 1st born in a family of two children, his father is deceased, and his mother is unable to receive sustained employment due to lack of education. He lived with his vulnerable grandmother for short time, who worked in a high school kitchen in order to pay for partial school fees prior to receiving support from EKARI.

Aonenji is EKARI’s first success story! In June 2012 Aonenji graduated from a local teacher training college with a teaching certificate and became a primary school teacher. The Malawi government does not pay its teachers during the first 6 months of employment. EKARI Foundation therefore granted Aonenji a loan through our Student Loan Program, which he has since paid back in full. Aonenji is currently still teaching while studying for his degree in Education, which will allow him to become a high school teacher and/or school principal in the future.

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