Apprenticeship Program

The Need

Malawi youth regularly have a hard time finding employment after completing their higher graduation due to limited job opportunities (~2,000 jobs created annually per 20,000 university graduates) and lack of access to an apprenticeship program. Apprenticeship positions at government and non-government organizations exist, but are generally unpaid positions.

Our Program 

EKARI’s apprenticeship program is two-fold. First, for a maximum of six months EKARI provides graduates assistance with resume distribution and interview preparation as well as connects them with possible apprenticeship positions in Malawi. Second, once a graduate gains an apprenticeship we provide funds for accommodation, meals, and transport for a maximum of another six months. Our goal is that each graduate will obtain relevant employment as a result of his/her apprenticeship.  

Our Impact 

We established our apprenticeship program in 2014. The process has been challenging and took longer than expected, but we successfully placed 100% of our graduates in apprenticeships. Patricia earned a job after her apprenticeship!

Program Funding Amount

Annual: $4,000

A one-time contribution of $150 will support one graduate through his/her apprenticeship preparation period.

A monthly contribution of $35 will support one graduate’s apprenticeship for 4 months.

To contribute to our Apprenticeship Program, click here.

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