Aubrey B.

School: College studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Birthday: August 29, 1995     Hobby: Enjoys playing soccer    Favorite School Subjects: English and Mathematics

Yearly Sponsorship: $2,500

$2250 covers tuition, exam and internship fees, boarding, meal program, uniform, transport home during holidays, basic necessities such as soap and toothpaste, and an allowance for unexpected personal/family needs. Aubrey’s guardians are required to provide school supplies in order to take part in his education. (Credit card processing fees (3%) are deducted from this amount. A greater amount of your contribution will be directed to Aubrey if you are able to cover the processing fees.)

$250 (10%) covers EKARI Foundation’s operating costs.

Duration of Sponsorship: It is our goal that you will support Aubrey for the entirety of his education. If you are unable to cover the entire cost, we will find a cosponsor(s) for the remaining amount; $35 preferred minimum monthly contribution.

Family History: Aubrey is the last born in a family of six children. Aubrey’s father passed away in 2004, which left his family in a vulnerable situation. Aubrey was not able to eat breakfast in the morning and only ate one meal when he returned home from school, which affected his studies. Aubrey’s mother tried to support her family with the business of brewing beer, but she was not able to pay for Aubrey’s school fees. Aubrey and his mother approached the Phalombe Social Welfare Office for assistance, but did not receive any funding. With support from EKARI Foundation, Aubrey is now able to focus on his education.

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