Chrispine M.

Year in School (2017-18): University studying Agriculture

Birthday: 1993     Hobby: Enjoys playing volleyball     Favorite School Subjects: Biology and Agriculture

Yearly Sponsorship: $3000

$2700 covers tuition, exam and internship fees, boarding, meal program, costs for copying/printing readings and assignments, USB drive, orientation fee, medical fee, uniform, transport home during holidays, basic necessities such as soap and toothpaste, and an allowance for unexpected personal/family needs. Chrispine’s guardians are required to provide school supplies in order to take part in his education. (Credit card processing fees (3%) are deducted from this amount. A greater amount of your contribution will be directed to Chrispine if you are able to cover the processing fees.)

$300 (10%) covers EKARI’s operating costs.

Duration of Sponsorship: It is our goal that you will support Chrispine for the entirety of his education. If you are unable to cover the entire cost, we will find a cosponsor(s) for the remaining amount; $35 preferred minimum monthly contribution.

Family History: Chrispine is the 2nd born in a family of 2 children. Chrispine comes from a poor family. Both of his parents passed away when he was very young in the early stages of his primary school. He completed primary school with support from his relatives (primary school is completely subsidized by the government of Malawi), but when he was selected to attend a government run secondary school, his relatives were unable to provide for all of his needs (high school is only minimally subsidized by the government). Chrispine was able to finish his freshman year in high school, but his relatives were planning to transfer Chrispine to a community day secondary school that offers less expensive fees, but a lower quality education. At Phalombe secondary school (the government run school Chrispine attends), Chrispine is able to stay on campus and study during the night. Community day secondary schools do not offer accommodation forcing the students to walk to and from home each day without the ability to study at home due to lack of electricity. Chrispine and his relatives are very grateful for support from EKARI foundation. Chrispine has promised to work hard in order to take advantage of this opportunity. With EKARI’s support, Chrispine will continue his education.

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