Computer Program

The Need 

Higher education institutions in Malawi require students to complete assignments on a personal computer even though most youth have not had access to computer programs prior to starting their higher education and cannot afford to buy a computer.

I have to pay my classmates to type documents, print reports, and access information on the internet because I do not know how to use a computer.” Laston, college student

Our Program 

EKARI operates a computer program in our community building for three to four months of the year open to the entire community during which youth learn how to use a computer, word processing software basics, and use of the Internet from a local computer instructor. We also provide EKARI sponsored college students with computers needed for coursework. Our goal is that the computer skills youth acquire will not only prepare them for higher education, but more so for employment.

Our Impact 

Youth who have participated in our computer program have successfully used their computer skills to complete their higher education coursework as well as computer related tasks during internships and employment. Currently we are only able to provide one computer for every three to four college students for shared use. As we expand this program, our goal is to provide a computer to each college student.

Program Funding Amount

Annual: $2,500

A one-time contribution of $400 will provide one computer to a college student.  

A monthly contribution of $35 will provide for a local computer instructor’s stipend for two months. 

To contribute to our Computer Program, click here.

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