EKARI implements a comprehensive set of programs to fund education and ensure students and their communities have support to help them thrive. We have two primary ways of donating; you can sponsor a student through our Student Tuition Program or support our broader set of EKARI programs.








How Much Makes a Difference?

CUP OF COFFEE DONATION: $90-$120 (equivalent to your daily $3-$4 cup of coffee)

Your donation of $90 to $120 will help to provide tutoring sessions for our students during their school breaks.

LUNCH DONATION: $150-$250 (equivalent to your daily $5-$8 store bought lunch)

Your donation of $150 to $250 will support our Library Program by providing a full set of textbooks for one to two students.

DATE NIGHT DONATION: $250-$500 (equivalent to several monthly dinners and nights out on the town)

Your donation of $250 to $500 will cover the costs associated with applying to several colleges and universities for 1 – 2 students through our Higher Education Prep Program.


Your donation of $750 will allow 75+ adults to learn how to read and write through our Adult Literacy Program.


Your donation of $1000 or more feeds 20+ students for 2 weeks through our 3 Meals a Day Program.

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