Empowering Grace Giving Circle


The Empowering Grace Giving Circle is EKARI’s monthly giving program that sustains and increases our impact in Phalombe, Malawi by supporting our Programs. Your monthly contribution allows us to provide textbooks, HIV/AIDS awareness training, apprenticeship opportunities, adult literacy classes, etc. to the students and communities we support.

How Much

$35 per month will provide a full set of textbooks to 2 students through our Library Program

$50 per month will allow 50 adult learners to learn how to read and write through our Adult Literacy Program 

$100 per month will feed 24 students during our tutoring sessions through our 3 Meals a Day Program    


Grace Makina, for whom this giving circle is named, died in January 2012. As a wife to Elias, EKARI’s In-Country Director, and great friend to Michelle, EKARI’s Executive Director, Grace played a vital role in the beginning years of EKARI Foundation by providing invaluable guidance. Grace was truly representative of all students supported by EKARI in that she was constantly trying to better herself and her community through education and hard work. Grace gave so much of herself on a daily basis by providing students supported by EKARI with care, encouragement, love, support, and hope. Grace is greatly missed, but continues to inspire all who are part of EKARI Foundation. Grace is survived by Elias and their son Christian.


Videos, photos, letters, and updates of/from our programs, students, and community members

Travel opportunities to Malawi

Party Invites


The programs specified above in the ‘How Much’ section are examples of how your contribution will make a difference. But, contributions can be directed toward any program of your choosing or directed toward our program most in need of support. Set up your monthly contributions today! 

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