Gertrude N.

School: University studying for Bachelors in Textile Engineering (will start August 2018)

Birthday: January 5, 2001     Hobbies: Basketball, volleyball, and chatting with friends     Favorite School Subjects: English, math, science

Yearly Sponsorship: $3000 

$2700 covers tuition, exam fees, boarding, meal program, uniform, transport home during holidays, basic necessities such as soap and toothpaste, feminine products, and an allowance for unexpected personal/family needs. Gertrude’s guardians are required to provide school supplies in order to take part in her education. (Credit card processing fees (3%) are deducted from this amount. A greater amount of your contribution will be directed to Gertrude if you are able to cover the processing fees.)

$300 (10%) covers EKARI’s operating costs.

Duration of Sponsorship: It is our goal that you will support Gertrude for the entirety of her education. If you are unable to cover the entire cost, we will find a cosponsor(s) for the remaining amount; $35 preferred minimum monthly contribution.

Family History: Gertrude is the 2nd born in a family of 5 children. Both of her parents are alive. Gertrude currently attends a private school that accepts only the most intelligent students from southern Malawi and offers a high quality education; an education that will allow Gertrude to go on to receive a college education. Although Gertrude’s father is a teacher, her parents cannot afford to continue paying tuition at this school and are planning to move Gertrude to a school with a much lower tuition, but one that does not offer a quality education. Without support from EKARI, Gertrude’s dream of attending college is within her reach.

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