Gifts of Stock

You can support EKARI beneficiaries by making a stock transfer to EKARI of commonly held, publicly traded stocks.

Stock Transfer Information

When making a gift of stock to EKARI, please contact Barbara at [email protected] with the following information. We appreciate you taking this extra step as the following information is essential to correctly processing and acknowledging your gift.

  • Your name
  • Name of stock and approximate number of shares
  • Estimated date of transfer
  • Your broker’s name, company, and telephone number

Please provide the following information to your broker:

  • Broker: Fidelity
  • Account Name: EKARI
  • DTC Number: 0226
  • Brokerage Number: 39900000740053515
  • EKARI EIN: 27-0912022
  • Brokerage Services: 800-343-3548