Higher Education Prep Program

The Need

Higher education institutions in Malawi accept students based primarily on their senior year final exam results. A high percentage of seniors (nearly 50%) fail their exams because they lack access to higher education preparatory programs. In addition, many youth cannot afford the costs associated with applying for a higher education.

Our Program

Through our higher education preparatory program – for EKARI sponsored students – we cover the costs associated with applying to at least five higher education institutions in Malawi. This affords students the best chance possible at acceptance in a very competitive environment. Also, annually we open the classrooms of our community building in Phalombe for small group tutoring sessions to prepare ‘night school’ students (previously failed their exam) to retake their final exam.

Our Impact

100% of EKARI sponsored students who have completed high school have participated in our higher education preparatory program and have continued their education at a higher education institution.

Program Funding Amount

Annual: $2,000

A one-time contribution of $100 will allow one student to apply to over five higher education institutions.

A monthly contribution of $35 will allow over 35 youth from the Phalombe community to attend small group tutoring.

To contribute to our Higher Education Prep Programclick here.

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