Aonenji’s Story

Fortune out of the Blue Moon

I am a Malawian boy from the Phalombe district. In 2006 I was selected to start secondary school at Phalombe Secondary School, but my mother could not afford to pay for school fees for me since she was not working and my father passed away earlier on. I together with my mother requested the sponsorship of school fees from the Phalombe Social Welfare Office. The office accepted me for the provision of my school fees from form one (freshman year of high school) up to form four (senior year). Though I was considered it was tough for me because most of the time I was being chased out of class while my friends were learning for up to a week every term until my fees were paid by the social welfare office. This was happening because the office was operating in ups and downs due to financial problems. So the funds were reaching the school very late. This was affecting my life both physically and emotionally. The office stopped paying fees for me the first term of form four. I was so confused and I realized that I would no longer complete my secondary education.

This was when I fortunately met the EKARI Foundation coordinator, Mr. Elias Makina. After I narrated my immediate problem, I became one of the EKARI Foundation’s beneficiaries. The EKARI Foundation has indeed changed my life. It paid fees so that I could finish form four education. I passed my form four national examinations and in 2010, I applied and completed interviews at many different universities and colleges in Malawi. The EKARI Foundation was responsible for paying all the costs for transport and fees for the interviews. I was selected to the Blantyre Teacher Training College. The EKARI Foundation supported me during college and promised to support me with a loan for the first few months after being posted as a teacher because the Malawian government does not pay teachers until after ~6 months of work. I am now waiting for a posting to work as a qualified teacher in September or October of this year (2012), something I thought not possible when I was not able to pay for my school fees.

Though I am becoming a primary school teacher I am not satisfied and wish to receive my Master’s degree in either the Education or Health sector. I want to have a higher qualification because I want to be a person who will assist people in the community where I am from. I want to assist needy children with a proper education. Many people in my community are not employed due to lack of an education, hence poverty dominates. I want to change people lives from poverty to prosperity. Without support from the EKARI Foundation, I would not have a future in which I wish to support others, as I would not even be able to support myself. The EKARI Foundation has changed the way I see my education and the future of my community.

I am requesting well wishers worldwide to support the EKARI Foundation so that at one point in time it should assist people of the whole of Malawi, not just the people of southern Malawi as it does now.

Thank you,

Aonenji Selemani