Dickson’s Story

Changes Brought by the EKARI Foundation

I am so glad to start writing this letter with thanks to the EKARI Foundation and its sponsors. I am Dickson Baula coming from a rural area where most of the people depend on farming to earn a living as my parents do. In the area, the percentage of literate people is very low such that I wish I will continue with my education. This will make me to be a role model for children of this area. It will teach them to work hard in their education. And I hope this will happen based on the assistance I am receiving from the EKARI Foundation. After I passed form two (sophomore year of high school), my parents tried hard to find resources for my school fees, but to no avail. They told me directly that I was to leave school because they had no funds. Having heard such a word I was so stressed because it was my wish to continue my education. My future was shaded black.

From the EKARI Foundation, there are a number of changes that I am experiencing. To begin with, it is helping me in terms of school fees. For a student to do well in class, the first thing is to make sure that there is not a balance to be paid in terms of school fees. The second thing is to make sure that the student is attending classes all the time. This can happen only if enough necessities are being provided to the student. The EKARI Foundation realized this and starting providing me with soap and lotion and the like. I was then able to stay in school without worrying about much outside of school and was able to focus on my education.

I am now able to see my future brightening. Having been one of the beneficiaries of the EKARI Foundation, is now giving my parents more of a chance to provide for my seven brothers and sisters. I wish for the EKARI Foundation support to expand to more students in our area. To the EKARI Foundation and its present sponsors, thank you for assisting in making my dream of becoming and Environmental Officer a reality.

Thank you,

Dickson Baula