Iness M.

School: University studying for her Bachelors Degree

Birthday: November 30th, 1997

Favorite School Subjects: Physical Science, English, Math, Biology, and Geography

Family History: Iness is the 6th born of seven children in her family. Iness’s father passed away when she was young. Her mother is still alive, but is unable to support Iness’s education due to lack of education herself and lack of sustained employment. Iness’s primary school teacher recently escorted Iness to a local parish seeking assistance. The intention was for Iness to go to a less expensive secondary school if they could find additional support from the parish. The parish directed Iness and her teacher to EKARI. Iness aspires to be a nurse. With support from EKARI, Iness is now able to focus on her education at one of the best secondary schools in the area.

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