Library Program

The Need

Textbooks in many school libraries in Malawi, Africa are in short supply. Students are not allowed to borrow textbooks from libraries to study outside of school hours. Often over 50 students per classroom share a few textbooks per subject. Without access to proper library programs, students often fail their final exams and dropout of school.

The Program

We have created a library containing textbooks and study guides that are relevant to the school syllabi of the students EKARI supports. Students borrow several textbooks and study guides per school term from our library. We purchase over 100 textbooks from a local book supplier at the start of each school year working toward our goal that each student will have a complete set of textbooks for all eight to 10 classroom subjects and be able to utilize the textbooks to pass exams; thus not repeating grade levels.

Our Impact

Since the start of the program in 2010, we have reduced the number of students required to repeat a grade level by over 50%.

In 2015, our senior year beneficiaries achieved a 100% pass rate!

“The Library Program has saved us from examination failure because we now have access to more information that we were not able to get in our schools due to the shortage or no availability of library books.” Charles, EKARI beneficiary

Program Funding Amount

Annual: $2,000

A one-time contribution of $100 will provide a full set of textbooks for one student.

A monthly contribution of $35 will provide a full set of textbooks for four students.

To contribute to our Library Program, click here.

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