March 2019 Update

Social Media Highlight

Hastings chairs several student organizations at his school and in the community.

In case you missed it… Due his hard work ethic, Hastings was selected as senior health prefect as well as Math and Science Club Chair at his school. He was also selected to visit an agriculture research station and has been tasked with training his classmates about mushroom production. He is the chair of three local student organizations as well. 

Impact Story: High School Graduates

Congratulations to our new university students and good luck to those who are waiting for their acceptance letters!

In November and December, with comprehensive support through EKARI’s Higher Education Prep Program, the seven EKARI students who graduated high school in 2018 applied to several universities in Malawi. Four of the seven (Linley, Catherine, Frank, and Michael) started university in February. They will study for their bachelors in Information Science and Technology, Environmental Management, Development Studies, and Business Administration, respectively. The remaining three students hope to receive acceptance letters soon. Through our Higher Education Prep Program, EKARI staff guides first generation college students through the higher education application process and EKARI pays for associated fees.

Motivational Session

EKARI alumnus inspires students to become leaders.

In January, through our Mentorship Program, we hosted a two day motivational gathering for EKARI’s college students. A Malawian entrepreneur, Gift Sukali, shared how he created and continues to grow his video production company. He emphasized becoming job creators to help lift the high numbers of Malawi youth out of unemployment. Laston, an EKARI alumnus, told his story of resilience. After being underemployed and searching for a better opportunity for two years, Laston finally obtained a job relevant to his college studies. A health expert spoke about self-care and sex education. To promote leadership skills, EKARI asked students to discuss challenges that their communities face and brainstorm solutions. 

University Visits

EKARI’s high school seniors toured several Malawi universities.

Through our Higher Education Prep Program, EKARI staff recently took our current high school seniors on tours of several universities in southern Malawi to motivate them to continue to work hard in order to obtain high scores on their upcoming year-end exams. Year-end exam scores are the sole predictor of university eligibility in Malawi. Unfortunately, many Malawi youth do not make the cut and are not allowed to apply. Only 1% of Malawi youth continue onto a higher education. Students with high scores have more freedom to select the university they would like to attend. The tours EKARI operates also allow our students to make educated decisions about options for their higher education.

Meet Harry

Harry brings over 10 years of experience working with students to our team.

Harry joined EKARI in August 2018 as our Youth Coordinator. Harry obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Malawi’s Mzuzu University in 2007. He worked as a high school teacher for the Ministry of Education for seven years and acted as a high school principal for four years. With his vast experience in education, he is passionate about being interactive with youth to understand their needs. He is also compassionate toward the challenges that youth in Malawi face. Harry oversees EKARI’s Student Tuition Program, Student Support Programs, and manages relationships with EKARI students. 

U.S. Board of Directors Expansion

EKARI is expanding our U.S. Board of Directors and recruiting for three positions: Major Gifts, Marketing, and Strategy & Operations. We are looking for people with a commitment to EKARI’s mission: To build knowledge and skills within youth and their surrounding communities so they can lift themselves out of extreme poverty. Prior board experience is a plus, but not required. If you are interested or know someone with fundraising experience and a passion for making a difference, please spread the word. See our postings on United Way for details.

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