May 2017 Update

Social Media Highlight

In case you missed it on our Facebook page… Elias, our Malawi In-Country Director, visited Seattle in May! He presented updates to several organizations who support EKARI and raised funds at the Peddler Brewing Company in partnership with Our Lady of Fatima school!

Impact Story: Magadalena

Magadalena was one of 10 children being cared for by her elderly grandmother. After her tuition support from the local social welfare office was cut in 2010, Magadalena turned to EKARI for financial assistance and was able to complete high school and trade school. She is now pushing the cultural and social norms of her patriarchal society as she pursues a career in bricklaying! She recently completed her studies and is expected to assist with the construction expansion a local hospital.

Become a Sponsor!
Potential EKARI students are interviewed before being accepted!

Potential EKARI students are interviewed before being accepted.

Our Sponsor a Student Program is at the heart of the EKARI’s work. Each year we select new students to join the EKARI family through a rigorous interviewing and testing process that we conduct at our Malawi field office. This year we received 125 applications, interviewed and tested 15 students, and selected six students to join EKARI. We are thrilled that Gertrude, Bannet, Samuel, Lawrence, Edwin, and Nitah will join us in the 2017-18 school year! Our goal is to have all students fully sponsored by July 15. Check out our Sponsorship Opportunities page to learn more!

Kitchen Gardens
EKARI provides more kitchen garden training to local communities.

EKARI provides more kitchen garden training to local communities!

As part of our Sustainable Livelihoods Program, EKARI partnered with Face to Face for their Victory Garden Campaign. The Campaign’s goal is to address the current hunger crisis in Malawi by teaching families to start kitchen gardens. Recently, a team of local Face to Face staff spent a weekend with one of the communities we work with – 35 families trained and 35 kitchen gardens created! Topics such as waste management (i.e. how to recycle water), the advantage of mixing a variety of seeds, and advantage of manure over chemical fertilizer were covered. In mid June, lead facilitators from the community will receive advanced training at Face to Face’s local office in order to provide monitoring of the current gardens and training to other communities EKARI works with.


Construction is nearly complete!

Over the past year, with the support of our generous donors, EKARI raised $45,000 to construct a new youth home for our students in Malawi so that they can continue to participate in our Complementary Youth Programs. Construction of the new home began on March 21. We are excited to employ 32 local community members from Phalombe! The project is expected to finish by the beginning of July. The new home will allow EKARI to provide separate facilities for female and male students, reduce crowding, and improve their sanitation and cleanliness. EKARI students are extremely excited to occupy the new home during the upcoming holiday in August!

Donor Awareness

Although World Malaria Day already passed, we found it worth mentioning. The day seeks to increase awareness about this deadly disease which kills almost 400,000 people annually. To help prevent EKARI students from contracting malaria, we provide treated bed nets for each student with funds from our Medical Fund. Check out this cool video to learn more!


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