3 Meals A Day Program

The Need 

Many Malawians are not able to eat three meals a day and suffer from hunger and malnutrition due to extreme poverty and lack of access to meal programs. 

Our Program 

Established in 2010, our 3 Meals a Day Program provides students supported by EKARI Foundation in Malawi, Africa with three nutritional meals a day – based on Malawi’s Six Food Groups guidelines – when they participate in our Tutoring, HIV/AIDS, MentorshipComputer, Higher Education Prep, and Apprenticeship Programs as well as when they attend school. We employ local members of the community to cook meals for our meal program. Our goal is that students supported by EKARI Foundation will be free from malnutrition and hunger.

Our Impact

Students report that receiving access to our meal program has allowed them to better concentrate on their studies and has improved their overall wellbeing.

Program Funding Amount

Annual: $14,000

A one-time contribution of $100 will provide over 150 nutritious meals.

A monthly contribution of $35 will supplement 3 students’ poor school diets for 35 weeks during the school year.

To contribute to our 3 Meals a Day Program, click here.

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