Memory M.

School: Third year in college studying Physiotherapy

Birthday: April 18, 1996    

Yearly Sponsorship: Through our Scholarship Program, we provide a annual scholarship to cover the cost of Memory’s tuition. Memory’s family/guardians are required to cover the remaining costs for daily living such as boarding, meal program, and school supplies. Your contribution of $35, $50, or $75 per month combined with contributions from other generous donors will allow EKARI to continue to provide an annual scholarship to Memory. (Credit card processing fees of 3% are deducted from your monthly amount. A greater amount of your contribution will be directed to Memory if you are able to cover the processing fees. 10% of your contribution covers EKARI’s operating costs.)

Duration of Sponsorship: It is our goal that you will support Memory for the entirety of her education. She requires 3 years of support to complete her higher education. If you are unable to cover the entire cost of future school years, we will find a cosponsor(s); $35 preferred minimum monthly contribution.

Family History: Memory is the sixth born in a family of eight children. Her father died in 2006 and her mother is unable to find sustained employment. Memory previously received support from the Joyce Banda (past Malawi President) Foundation. The Foundation is no longer able to provide support and Memory was going to withdraw from school. With your support Memory will be able to continue her education.

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