Our Vision

Empowered communities leading self-sustaining lives filled with dignity and self-worth; thus, adults and youth who no longer need and even more so no longer want EKARI Foundation’s support.

By the end of 2020, our goal is to increase the high school graduation rate among the students we support to 90 percent. In addition, our goal is to increase the livelihoods in the households we support by 100 percent.

Our Mission

Educating Malawians toward self dependency.

We Value

We believe in empowering the future generations of Malawi to emerge from poverty through their own efforts by providing access to quality and relevant education, coupled with the necessary educational resources and training to assist communities in establishing and celebrating sustainable livelihoods.

Empowerment | As our core value; working to empower those we work with throughout all of our programs.

Education and Business | Coupled with other forms of development work as a means to break the cycle of poverty.

Donor Awareness | Failure to educate a donor equals failure to provide sustainable and empowering community development.

Partnership | Working with those most in need rather than working for them; partnering with local government, local nonprofit, and community based organizations.

Assets and Capacities | Of those most in need that we are working with.

Accountability and Transparency | To our partners, contributors, and those we serve.

Beneficiary Character Traits

Gratitude | Beneficiaries appreciate and recognize the value of their education.

Enthusiasm | Beneficiaries eagerly chart a positive path for their futures.

Determination | Beneficiaries steadfastly work hard in order to achieve greatness.

Curiosity | Beneficiaries inquisitively learn more about the world around them.

Accountability | Beneficiaries accept responsibility for their actions.

Courage | Beneficiaries bravely overcome life’s challenges and fears.

Compassion | Beneficiaries passionately give back to their communities.

Humility | Beneficiaries remember where they come from; they are no better than those who came before or will come after.

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