Mwandida J.

School: Senior at Private Secondary School

Birthday: October 9, 1995     Hobbies: Enjoys playing basketball and volleyball     Favorite School Subject: English

Family History: Mwandida is the 2nd born in a family of 5 children, where both of her parents have passed away. In Malawi it is common for young girls to be sent to work in another family’s home in order to provide income for the girl’s family. In 2008, Mwandida worked for Grace’s (Elias’s late wife) family. In 2009, she came to work in Elias and Grace’s home. In 2010, Elias and Grace decided to support Mwandida and send her to school rather than have her work for them. Since Grace’s death, Elias has not been able to support Mwandida himself. With EKARI’s support, Mwandida can continue her education.

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