November 2017 Update

Social Media Highlight

Adult Literacy English Class Graduation!

We recently hosted a graduation ceremony for our Adult Literacy English language students! It was a great event commemorating the hard work and progress of our adult learners. Only 65.8% of adults in Malawi are able to read and write. Our Adult Literacy Program helps to teach adults the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic, while also talking about sanitation, HIV/AIDS, gender rights, etc.

Impact Story: 100% Pass Rate… Again!
We are excited to share that we have had a 100% pass rate among EKARI-sponsored high school seniors for the 3rd year in a row! Considering there is a country-wide pass rate of only 61.6%, this is terrific news! Out of our 13 seniors, all 13 qualify for university! Our Tutoring, Library, and Mentorship Programs are making a significant impact on EKARI students, allowing them a better chance for attending higher education and increased likelihood of future employment.

Victory Garden Campaign

Now there are over 125 victory gardens in Subiri!

EKARI is ecstatic to announce our collaboration with The Face-to-Face Project who is undertaking the 2-year Victory Garden Campaign in the Phalombe District, with the aim of creating 15,000 home victory (kitchen) gardens that will produce food for 50,000 people. The Campaign is supported by The Charitable Foundation and its Australian partner, Action on Poverty. The Campaign is part of our Sustainable Livelihoods Program and will commence in the communities where EKARI works supported by a trained EKARI facilitator team from the Subiri Village. Face-to-Face conducted victory garden training several months ago in Subiri where 35 gardens were created; there are now over 125 victory gardens in Subiri!

New Teacher Mentors

Our wonderful teacher mentors who will encourage and support our student beneficiaries!

We have recently expanded and improved our Mentorship Program! First, EKARI will contract with one or more teachers at each of the high schools that our youth beneficiaries attend. In addition to providing guidance, the teachers will serve as liaisons between EKARI and our beneficiaries by providing regular updates about challenges and accomplishments. This will allow our staff to address challenges in real time. Second, EKARI will now host an annual meeting with the parents/guardians of our student beneficiaries to review our Sponsor a Student Program Contract, encourage the adults to take part in the students’ education and EKARI’s community programs, and to seek their recommendations for how to improve our programs.

4 New Communities

EKARI supports and encourages small businesses as they expand and grow!

Through our Sustainable Livelihoods Program, we provide individuals who are part of Village Savings and Loan (VSL) groups with financial literacy, business management, and agriculture training. We provide guidance to the individuals regarding business plans and profit/loss statements. We encourage them to conduct businesses as a group and connect them with reputable microfinance institutions for loans to expand their businesses. We recently started working with four new groups! Over the past several months each group received VSL, business management, and agriculture training. All will soon receive victory garden training! More to come as these groups develop small businesses!

A Look Ahead: Get Ready for #GivingTuesday 

Giving Tuesday is November 28!

Join us on Tuesday, November 28 to help kick off our annual GlobalGiving Campaign as we work to continue to provide lifelong learning skills for over 300 youth and adults in Malawi. This year, your gift will go even further. For this one day only, EKARI will compete for a portion of GlobalGiving’s $75,000 Incentive Fund! Plan to give on Giving Tuesday so that we can earn a higher percentage of this Fund! Please join us and help EKARI achieve our goal to increase our beneficiaries’ problem solving skills and ultimately their self sufficiency. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 28! We will send out a reminder over email and social media.

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