October 2016 Update

Social Media Highlight
Sampson graduates from college!

Samson graduates from college!

In case you missed in on our Facebook page… Samson graduated from college with a diploma in Teaching Humanities! He applied to teach at several private high schools and was selected to begin working at a school several districts from Phalombe. He will teach there until he is reassigned to a permanent position by the Malawian government.

Impact Story: Stella

Stella is now a sophomore in high school. Before she attended secondary school with assistance from EKARI, she struggled to understand math and English. Thanks to EKARI’s Tutoring Program, which provides students support outside of class, Stella’s comprehension is increasing. Stella is one of six children in her family and is grateful for the opportunities EKARI has provided her. Her goal is to become a medical doctor. She hopes that people within her community will look up to her as a role model so they too can achieve their ambitions as well.


giving-tuesday-oct-2016Join us on Tuesday, November 29 to help kick off our annual GlobalGiving Campaign as we work to build a new home for young students in Malawi. Our goal is to raise $4,500 towards the total cost of the home during this giving season. This year, your gift will go even further! For this one day only, every gift will be 50% matched, up to $1,000,000! Please join us and help EKARI achieve our goal to provide safe, stable housing for our students so they can thrive in the classroom. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 29! We will send out a reminder over email and social media.

Computer Program
Computer Program 2016

Iness learns to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and the Internet!

EKARI’s Computer Program was created in September 2013 to provide technology-based education to senior students awaiting their final exam results. This course is open to all members of the Phalombe community. We require EKARI sponsored students to participate in order to prepare for college. This year we have a new teacher who is extremely knowledgeable about computers! To improve the program further, we provided learning guides for the students so they can follow along with the instructor. Rynet, a current Computer Program participant describes the class as “beneficial… because the information will assist me at the tertiary level [of] education.”

Kitchen Gardens
Former EKARI beneficiary teaches local community members about irrigation.

Former EKARI beneficiary teaches local community members about reusing water for irrigation.

Due to drought conditions in Malawi, earlier this year generous sponsors from Germany donated funds to assist EKARI’s beneficiaries. Rather than simply hand out food, which goes against EKARI’s mission, we used the funds to provide training for kitchen gardens for the long-term benefits. A kitchen garden is a high-yield, low-cost, year-round, dense garden placed next to a house. We asked Madalitso, one of EKARI’s beneficiaries with a college diploma in Irrigation Technology, to provide training on how to irrigate the gardens, which uses waste water from the home (from bathing, clothes washing, dish washing, etc.). EKARI provided vegetable seeds in addition to the training. The kitchen gardens that were planted have been providing small amounts of vegetables to EKARI beneficiaries during the current hunger crisis.

Donor Awareness

World Toilet Day seeks to create awareness about the significance of toilets and sanitation. Over 2 billion people are subjected to disease and unsanitary conditions due to a lack of running water and a designated place to go to the bathroom. EKARI’s beneficiaries do not have access to proper sanitation in their homes so it is important that we provide this access at the EKARI house. We recently constructed two new sanitary pit latrines at EKARI’s current home, but this is not enough for over 50 students. Now more than ever we need to build a second house for our students so we can provide better sanitation for our students!

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