October 2018 Update

Social Media Highlight

Congratulations on your position as an Irrigation Officer Madalitso!

In case you missed it on our Facebook page… Madalitso has been employed as an irrigation officer at a large farming company near the Phalombe district. This is his first permanent position and is relevant employment for Madalitso! He graduated a few years ago with a diploma in Irrigation Technology.

Impact Story: Rosebey

Rosebey is able to feed her mother and two grandchildren with food from her victory garden!

Rosebey created her victory garden in March immediately after training from EKARI’s partner The Face-To-Face Project. She recently earned $5 from selling tomatoes from her victory garden. She used the money to buy a piece of fabric and a floor mat to sleep on. In addition to selling vegetables, Rosebey and her family are eating vegetables from the second generation of her victory garden! Rosebey’s family used to sleep on the floor and would often go to bed on empty stomachs. Rosebey is very thankful for the victory garden training she had access to through EKARI’s Sustainable Livelihoods Program because she no longer struggles to find food.

September Recap

Elias gives a presentation at one of our partner schools!

Elias Makina, EKARI’s In-Country Director, visited Seattle in September for donor presentations, fundraising discussions, and program development work. Elias and our Seattle team shared project updates with the Emerald City, Mercer Island, and Seattle International District Rotary Clubs. They also made presentations at two partner schools – Our Lady of Fatima, and Christ the King in Seattle. We conducted an online fundraising event to showcase our new informational video. With generous support from our donors, we met a $2,500 match from our Board of Directors raising over $7,500 for our programs! We gave away a vacation to Zimbabwe and Tanzania as well as to Washington’s Alderbrook Resort. Check out our new video!

Student Debates

Student debates are encouraging our students to be more assertive and open-minded individuals.

EKARI has started hosting debates through our Mentorship Program, where the students we support participate three nights a week during their school breaks. The English teacher whom we contract with through our Tutoring Program conducts the sessions and meets with the students prior to the actual debates to provide them with skills training. The goal of the debates is to equip our students with knowledge and skills in communications; critical, creative, and innovative thinking; and decision making as well as to be fluent English speakers. Our students are not only becoming more assertive and courageous leaders, they are also becoming more open-minded individuals as they listen to one other and consider points of view other than their own.

Meet Jacquelita

Jacquelita is supporting EKARI’s beneficiaries to become successful farmers.

Jacquelita is a Crop and Soil Scientist by profession. She starting working at EKARI’s field office in March 2018. She is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Agronomy obtained from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources and has field experience working with farmers to improve and manage their crops and soils. As the Agriculture Coordinator at EKARI, her duties include managing victory gardens, providing training to farmers on new farming practices, and providing follow-up counseling to farmers throughout the year. She will use her expertise and passion to help EKARI’s beneficiaries and the surrounding communities to achieve bumper yields and zero hunger.

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