Student Tuition Program

The Need

Primary education in Malawi is free, but secondary and higher education is not. Many youth in Phalombe are unable to continue their education due to little or no financial support from their impoverished communities. Most nonprofits working in Phalombe do not provide tuition assistance. Students may request funds from local government agencies, which have limited resources and assist only a small fraction of students, for a short time.

Our Program

Through our Student Tuition Program, we guarantee students can overcome the burden of high tuition fees and costs of basic necessities from their sophomore year of high school through the end of their higher education. We cover the cost of educational expenses and provide for most daily needs in order for the students we support to remain in school and focus on their studies during the entire school year. Guardians are required to provide basic school supplies and extra food items in order to take part in the youths’ education.

The students we support through our Student Tuition Program are required to participate in our Student Support Programs.

Our goal is to provide youth with a solid educational foundation and support system, equipping them with the skills needed to obtain steady and relevant employment.

Our Impact
  • For the fourth year in a row, during the 2018-19 school year, 100% of EKARI’s senior year cohort passed their year-end exams. And for the second year in a row, 100% also qualified for and were accepted to attend Malawian universities!
  • 60 of 63 students continued to receive EKARI support in 2017-2018.
  • 100% of students supported by EKARI who completed high school have continued their higher educations with support from EKARI.
Application Process 

We enroll students beginning in their sophomore year after they have demonstrated a commitment to their education. To become a beneficiary of our Student Tuition Program, each applicant must complete an application, write an essay regarding how he/she values education, participate in an interview, complete a written test, and provide teacher and community references. Our Malawi In-Country Director completes a home visit to verify that the applicant is truly in need of support prior to presenting students to our Malawi Board of Directors and U.S. office for their final approval.

Beneficiary Character Traits

Gratitude | Beneficiaries appreciate and recognize the value of their education.

Enthusiasm | Beneficiaries eagerly chart a positive path for their futures.

Determination | Beneficiaries steadfastly work hard in order to achieve greatness.

Curiosity | Beneficiaries inquisitively learn more about the world around them.

Accountability | Beneficiaries accept responsibility for their actions.

Courage | Beneficiaries bravely overcome life’s challenges and fears.

Compassion | Beneficiaries passionately give back to their communities.

Humility | Beneficiaries remember where they come from; they are no better than those who came before or will come after.

Program Funding Amount

Annual: $90,000

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