Sponsor a Student Malawi

Step 1: Learn More

Only primary school education in Malawi is free. EKARI’s Student Tuition Program ensures students can overcome the burden of high tuition fees and costs of basic necessities through high school and higher education.

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Step 2: Select a Student and Your Monthly Contribution ($35, $50, $75, $125, $250)

If you have already decided to sponsor a student in Malawi through EKARI and have selected a student and a monthly amount, skip to Step 3.

If not, click here to check out our sponsorship opportunities and confirm which student you would like to sponsor. You will be directed to the donation form from the student’s profile page.

Step 3: Provide Payment and Requested Information

Thank you for choosing to sponsor a student in Malawi through EKARI! You do have the option to make annual payments if monthly doesn’t work for you. Subsequent annual payments are due no later than July 15th of each year; you will receive a reminder along with an annual student report.

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Step 4: VERY IMPORTANT! Learn what happens next!

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