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Step 1: Learn More

Primary school education in Malawi is free, but secondary and higher education is not. EKARI Foundation sponsors students in Malawi in order to assist youth with the continuance of their education after primary school.

For youth whose families do not have the means to provide financial support due to extreme poverty and the inability to secure employment, EKARI covers the cost of nearly all educational expenses and daily needs through our Sponsor a Student Program.

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For youth whose families have employed members and are able to provide partial financial support, we cover only the cost of tuition through our Scholarship Program.

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As part of our extensive application process, selected applicants must complete an interview, written test, and essay regarding how he/she values an education as well as provide teacher and community references. Our Malawi Board of Directors selects applicants based on their need, current grades, and work ethic.

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Step 2: Select a Student

If you have already decided to sponsor a student in Malawi through EKARI Foundation and have selected a student, skip to Step 3. If not, click here to check out our sponsorship opportunities and confirm which student you would like to sponsor.

Step 3: Provide Payment and Requested Information

Thank you for choosing to sponsor a student in Malawi through EKARI Foundation! You have the option to make your sponsorship contribution annually or set up monthly payments. Subsequent annual payments are due no later than July 15th of each year; you will receive a reminder along with an annual student report.

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Step 4: VERY IMPORTANT! Learn what happens next!

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