Rhoda P.

School: College studying Nursing

Birthday: October 29, 1994

Hobby: Reading

Family History: Rhoda is the first born of four children. Both of her parents passed away (her mother passed away in early 2012). With support from EKARI, Rhoda is now able to focus on her education.

Her Story: From Elias, September 20, 2011: “Yesterday afternoon I received two visitors, a young girl [Rhoda] and her sick mother, seeking support for school fees. Rhoda has been selected by the government to St. Mary’s Girl’s Mission Secondary School in Zomba and also by mission exam to Stella Maris Girl’s Mission Secondary School in Blantyre [two of the most prestigious secondary schools in the area]. Prior to visiting me, Rhoda and her mother walked by foot to Phalombe Catholic Parish where Father Gervazio sent them to me with a recommendation of how poor the family is. Father Gervazio does not normally recommend students for sponsorship, but out of the students who approached him for tuition assistance recently, he recognized that Rhoda was very needy and would otherwise lose her chances to attend secondary school. Rhoda relies on her sick mother and has no relatives or anyone in her community to provide support because no one from her community attended school. Her mother has been sick for four years now and is currently on ARV treatment for HIV.

By passing the two exams to the top secondary schools in the area, one can tell that Rhoda is very intelligent. Today I visited her school in order to find out more about Rhoda from her school’s head master. It was so interesting to hear that she is the first student from her primary school, after five years, to be selected to attend a government or mission secondary school. Her headmaster confirmed that Rhoda is very intelligent and hardworking, only that her home is very poor and that her relatives cannot afford to provide her tuition fees nor even transport to school.”

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