Scholarship Program

The Need

There are many hardworking families in the Phalombe district who are invested in their children’s education and able to provide the basic necessities in order for their children to stay in school, but they simply cannot afford tuition. These families lack access to scholarship programs, which deprives youth of an education.

Our Program

We provide scholarships to youth in high school, trade school, and college. Our scholarship program covers the cost of tuition only. The youth’s families are responsible for covering the cost of basic necessities. Through our scholarship program, our goal is to increase the number of students who complete their higher education and obtain gainful employment in Malawi.

“Youth two years out of high school without a higher education are at the same level as those youth who did not even attend high school.” Elizeo, adult community member

Our Impact

By providing scholarships, several employed youth whom EKARI previously supported have been able to enhance their education through advanced training while several other youth in Phalombe have been able to start high school or college!

Program Funding Amount

Annual: $6,000

A one-time contribution of $1000 will support a college student.

A monthly contribution of $35 will support a high school student.

More about Sponsoring a Student in Malawi