Sponsorship Levels: $35, $50, $75, $125, or $250/month

Although we have typical sponsorship levels, any amount that fits a sponsor’s budget is greatly appreciated. Click on the photos below for more information about each student. EKARI implements our programs with cohorts comprised of 50% male/50% female students.


Your contribution covers school fees and basic needs including tuition, fees (boarding, meal, exam, internship, orientation, and medical), uniform, essential school supplies, copying/printing costs, internet access for assignments, transport, basic necessities, and feminine products for females, as well as EKARI’s operating costs. Guardians are required to provide basic school supplies and funds for other basic needs that EKARI does not cover in order to take part in a student’s education.

For online contributions, the credit card processing fee is 3%. A greater amount of your contribution will be directed to a student if you cover the processing fee.


It is our goal that you will support a student until he/she graduates from his/her higher education. This typically means three years of high school and four to five years of college. Sponsorship is generally shared by co-sponsors. Your continued monthly or annual contribution will support a student through the entirety of his/her education.

Prefer to support EKARI students’ tuition in general? Click here and select ‘Student Tuition Program’ on the donation form.