Wilson M.

School: University studying for Bachelors in Entrepreneurship (started Mar 2018)

Birthday: August 30, 1996     

Hobby: Studying and reading books     

Favorite School Subject: Physical Science

Family History: Wilson is one of six children. His father died in 2006. Wilson’s mother is unable to provide financial assistance due to lack of education and sustained employment. Wilson is the first of his family to attend high school. Before turning to EKARI for support, Wilson worked in people’s gardens in order to earn an income to pay for his tuition. During his sophomore year in high school, his earnings were only enough to pay for one term of school. Despite only attending school for one term, he scored excellent marks on his year-end exam, beating a majority of his classmates who attended school the entire year. His teachers often gave him praise for his hard working spirit. He consistently placed in the top ten of his class in high school. With EKARI’s support, Wilson will continue his education.

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