Stanley N.

Year in School (2017-18): University studying Horticulture

Birthday: April 13, 1995      Hobbies: Enjoys playing soccer      Favorite School Subjects: Math and Physical Science

Family History: Stanley is the 4th born in a family of 6 children. His parents are divorced. His father does not provide any support and his mother is unable to support Stanley’s education due to lack of education herself and lack of sustained employment. Stanley’s grandmother takes care of him, but cannot offer financial support for his education. When Stanley was selected to high school, he failed to start school in time because there were no relatives that could offer support. The local village chief recognized Stanley’s high intelligence and hard work ethic. The chief organized funds from the Village Development Committee in the area so that Stanley could attend at least one year of high school. Stanley will not be able to receive these funds again for his sophomore year in high school. With support from EKARI Foundation, Stanley is now able to focus on his education.

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