Tereza L.

Tereza is the 3rd born in a family of five children. Both of her parents are deceased. Tereza stays with her elderly grandmother. Tereza used to sell firewood to pay for her school fees and to support her grandmother and siblings. She completed high school with EKARI’s support. Unfortunately, due to a learning disability, Tereza did not pass her senior exam. Fortunately, students who fail their senior exam, but pass their junior exam can continue their education at trade schools, which is what Tereza decided to do. Her goal is to start her own tailoring business with a small business loan from EKARI once she completes her studies! With EKARI’s support, Tereza will continue her education.

With EKARI’s support, Tereza graduated from Trade School having studied Tailoring in 2017! Through our Apprenticeship Program, Tereza learned to be a tailor ,and she sewed the school uniforms for EKARI!

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