Tutoring Program

The Need

Students do not receive the 1-on-1 attention they need due to the high student-to-teacher ratio (50:1) that is common in high schools in Malawi, Africa. Without access to proper tutoring programs in Africa, students often fail exams and dropout of school.

The Program

We contract with local high school teachers to tutor the students EKARI supports as well as youth from the community in several difficult subjects such as English, math, and the sciences. Our classrooms house a small laboratory for science experiments. We operate our tutoring program three times a year during school holidays. In addition, we hire private tutors to tutor students in need of 1-on-1 attention during the school year. It is our goal that 100% of the students EKARI supports will pass exams and graduate from high school.

Our Impact

Since we launched the program in 2010, the number of students required to repeat a grade level has been reduced by over 50%.

In 2015, our senior year beneficiaries achieved a 100% pass rate!

We have been shy to ask questions in class at our schools, but holiday tutoring gives us more chance to ask more of what we don’t understand in class.” Esnart, EKARI beneficiary     

Program Funding Amount

Annual: $5,400

A one-time contribution of $100 will provide 75 hours of private tutoring for 1 student during the school year.

A monthly contribution of $35 will provide 80 hours of small group tutoring for 8 students during school holidays.

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