Volunteer Program


We accept volunteers in Seattle and Malawi. We adhere to our core value of empowerment throughout all of our programs, including EKARI’s Volunteer Program. We work to develop empowering relationships through volunteerism that increase our impact as well as increase awareness about Malawi and global poverty. We believe that volunteering, if accomplished with due diligence, can be a powerful force for social change; both for volunteers, EKARI staff, and for the communities that we serve.


Honor and learn from the community

Although EKARI encourages volunteers to bring their unique skill sets to their volunteer experience, prior to serving in Malawi volunteers work alongside and learn from experienced community members in Phalombe, Malawi.

Increase impact

Through the actions of our volunteers during their volunteer service and through subsequent contributions – financial or otherwise – EKARI’s goal is to increase our impact in the communities that we serve.

Expand awareness

We ask that each volunteer make a commitment to share his/her story with his/her greater community through face-to-face conversations and/or through social media to encourage others to action.

Connect hard working and enthusiastic volunteers

We greatly appreciate the time and resources that volunteers devote to EKARI and want to make their volunteer experience as worthwhile and meaningful as possible for both the volunteer and EKARI. Volunteers are accepted based on how well their passions, skills, and interests match with EKARI needs.


Volunteer Malawi

Volunteer Malawi
EKARI welcomes you to join our team by volunteering in Malawi, Africa! Our volunteer experiences in Malawi include a mix of office and field work. Learn about volunteer costs, accommodation, and visa requirements, etc. Listen to Tina's testimonial. Tina left her home and job in Germany to volunteer with EKARI Foundation for one and a half years starting in January 2014.

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Volunteer Seattle

Volunteer Seattle
There are many worthwhile volunteer opportunities in Seattle. Why volunteer with EKARI Foundation? We are highly dedicated and driven to making a difference in the lives of those most in need in Phalombe, Malawi, Africa. Our program effectiveness rate is 92% (we constantly strive to increase this rate to 100%) and over 90% of contributions directly affect our beneficiaries in Malawi.

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