Youth Entrepreneurship Program

The Need 

66 percent of Malawi’s population are youth under the age of 24. According to the current National Youth Policy in Malawi, the formal sector only managed to create 30,000 jobs per year against a projection of the required 300,000 jobs (educated and semi-educated). Youth entrepreneurship is not only seen as an option for Malawi youth, but rather a necessity to reduce unemployment and boost self independence.

Our Program 

We commenced the program in January 2018. We contract with qualified Malawian entrepreneurship trainers to provide a 13-week long entrepreneurship course. We offer our youth beneficiaries access to the course once after high school graduation and again as they near the completion of their higher education. Once youth have passed the final course, EKARI’s Entrepreneurship Coordinator works with them individually to finalize a business plan and refer them to a reputable Malawian bank for a loan.        

Program Funding Amount

Annual: $9,000

A one-time contribution of $100 will provide supplies for one overall training course.

A monthly contribution of $35 will provide four training sessions.

To contribute to our Youth Entrepreneurship Program, click here.

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