Mentorship Program

The Need

Youth in Phalombe have limited access to youth mentoring programs. Due to the high adult illiteracy rate in Phalombe, youth have a narrow group of mentors whom they can seek advice from or whom they view as role models. A majority of youth whom EKARI supports are the first in their families to pursue a higher education and require mentorship navigating the application process.

The Program

We partner with Center for Free Market Enterprise (CFME), a Malawian youth-run organization. CFME conducts youth mentorship sessions focusing on goal setting, higher education application process, career guidance, entrepreneurship, innovation, work place professionalism, job applications, and resume creation. CFME connects youth with professional mentors from urban areas. Through our youth mentorship program, we also partner with university lecturers who impart critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning skills to youth.

Our Impact

Through our youth mentorship program, youth report that they are better prepared for and have high hopes for their future.

Program Funding Amount

Annual: $900

A one-time contribution of $100 will allow 3 professional mentors to mentor our students in Phalombe.

A monthly contribution of $35 will cover 3 CFME youth mentorship sessions.

To contribute to our Mentorship Program, click here.

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